Fox news and Matt Drudge

Permalink | June 6th, 2005

Matt Drudge attacks the left as hating the military. His proof, “instant messanger”. This is priceless.

Fox news and Matt Drudge

Video: Drudge on Fox Facts

I kid you not. Drudge goes on Hannity and Colmes and makes believe he broke the Pentagon/Koran/urinating story, then of course attacks democrats as hating the military and cheering for the news that just came out.

Hannity says Drudge has an exclusive on the story and then cites AP and Reuters as the source. Geez.

Colmes asks Matt:

Colmes: Who on the left is cheering.

Drudge: Instant messages on my screen.

That’s his proof. This is the guy who supplies the Talking Points for so many on the right. Do you think they’ll be humiliated once and for all by this man?

[via Crooks and Liars]

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