November 15, 2006

Laguna Beach doesn’t want their MTV

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Laguna Beach season 3 cast

The residents of Laguna Beach are over MTV’s Laguna Beach. A community meeting was reportedly recently held where concerned residents tried to gather support for the ousting of MTV from their neighborhood. The group blames the reality show for portraying local kids as rich brats and attracting sex preditors to the area. They also call the town’s initial decision to allow the taping of the show a boneheaded move and hope the show will die a natural death.

November 10, 2006

Alyson Hannigan is the people’s choice

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Alyson Hannigan award pictures

Alyson Hannigan attends the People’s Choice Awards nominations. There are 29 pictures of Alyson, along with How I met your Mother co-star Neil Patrick Harris, and Grey’s Anatomy stars Isaiah Washington and Kate Walsh after the jump. So click the link to…

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November 9, 2006

Studio 60 is saved … maybe

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Studio 60

Despite the assurances from those in-the-know around the blogosphere that the struggling freshman NBC hour “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” was mere hours away from cancellation with its low ratings and extravagant $2 million-per-episode pricetag, the opposite now in fact appears to be true. While not yet official, key industry sources are confident that NBC will, in the next few days, announce the show’s pickup for its back nine episodes (giving it a full season complement of 22) in the wake of two consecutive Mondays of upwardly-trending numbers.


November 7, 2006

The Office brings SexyBack

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If you like The Office (US) then you’ll love this mash-up video of Michael, Dwight and the rest of the cast bringing SexyBack. It’s absoulutely hilarious.


October 30, 2006

Studio 60 next to get cancelled?

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Studio 60

Here we go: despite receiving an order for three more episodes on Friday, the Aaron Sorkin NBC drama “Studio 60 on Sunset Strip” is about to be put out of its misery.

Cast members are already confiding in friends that the end is near. It’s likely NBC will pull the plug shortly I am told by insiders.

Last week, Studio 60 had 7.7 million viewers. Compare that with competing “CSI: Miami,” with 17.5 million. That gap cannot be closed.

But ‘Studio 60′ has trouble internally at NBC, forget its intramural rivals. According to ratings stats, the “Saturday Night Live” behind the scenes soap opera loses almost half the viewers delivered to it a few minutes earlier by another new show, “Heroes,” which has become a surprise cult hit.


Victoria’s Secret Angels return to the Boob-Tube

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Alessandra Ambrosio pictures

The Victoria’s Secret Angels will be returning the boob-tube in the always widely anticipated Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on Tuesday, December 5th at 10p ET/PT. The show will be taped from the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles and feature music from Justin Timberlake. This year’s fashion spectacular will feature a runway presentation infused with a holiday theme and include red carpet arrivals and interviews.

While you countdown the days, there are 9 pictures of Angel Alessandra Ambrosio from her UK GQ pictorial, after the jump.

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Girls of Reality TV calendar mega post

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Girls of Reality TV calendar

Now here’s a mega post for you all, 146 outtake pictures from the Girls of Reality TV calendar. Enjoy the images after the jump…

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October 26, 2006

This is K-Fed acting

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Kevin Federline on RAW

Kevin Federline on RAW

Well, at least he got one thing right, he is…

Kevin Federline on RAW


Every episode of The Office gone, but not lost

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The Office

Yesterday a link to a page which featured every single episode of The Office (US) went mainstream and circled the web like wild fire. Less than 24 hours later that page, and the site, is nothing but a distant memory. While the site might be gone, it’s far from lost. If you still need your episode fix, here’s the list in all its former glory, courtesy of Google’s cache — you just gotta love Google. But get it quick, there’s no telling how soon before it expires…

Click here for The Office (US)

Update: A mirror of the original site, which features nearly every episode of all most of your favorite TV shows, has been set-up here and here. For up to the minute news on the resurrection of TV Links, check out their forums here.

October 24, 2006

George Bush talks about “The Google”

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Maria Bartiromo: I’m curious, have you ever Googled anybody? Do you use Google?

George Bush: Ah, Occasionally. One of the things I’ve used on The Google is, ah, to pull up maps. And it’s, ah, very interesting to see — I’ve forgot the name of the program — but where you get the satellite, and you can — like, I kinda like to look at the ranch. It remind me of where I wanna be sometimes.