November 15, 2006

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Air France Apple has announced an alliance with 6 major airlines to provide in-flight iPod compatible entertainment starting the middle of next year. Microsoft was heard weeping in the corner.
Google screenshot Google CEO says, “free cell phones for all” … but only if you accept mobile ads. Google is experimenting with mobile delivered ads and hopes, if successful, that it will help subsidize the cost of phones.
Girls Next Door Apparently there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes than we’re led to believe. Hef’s Girls Next Door have a little secret — one is a lesbian, one likes it kinky, and one really loves Hef. Guess which is which.

Power without wires

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Power lines

A research group from MIT has developed a rather simple system that could potentially deliver power to electronic devices without the need for wires. Building from old physic concepts they claim that this technique could even work across several meters. While the team has yet to build a working model, they maintain that computer models and mathematics suggest it will work.

November 13, 2006

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RIAA A NY District Judge ruled that charging $750 per-song (or 1,071 times the actual damages suffered) in music labels’ digital music piracy lawsuits is excessive and can be challenged by the defendant.
Bikini As Tens of thousands flock to the beaches of Dubai, the authorities are racing to address the problem of the beach pests — crowds of men, fully dressed, who roam the beaches simply to ogle the women.
E shirt The Entertainment Software Association isn’t too found of the satirical “Your Mom Rated E for Everyone” shirt that has recently gone viral, and is now trying to shut it down. Yeah, good luck with that.
Borat Borat gets a beat down. While in character Sacha Baron Cohen told one New Yorker, “I like your clothings. Are nice! Please may I buying? I want have sex with it.” Which earned the actor several punches to the face.
Justice Fox’s Justice has been served with a cease and desist. The struggling show has been put on an immediate and indefinite hiatus, although the network hinted a possible return as early as December 11th.
Six Degrees ABC’s Six Degrees has been put on life support. The show failed to perform despite immediately following the ratings giant, Grey’s Anatomy. ABC indicates the show might return in January.
November 10, 2006

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Lost Lost without Lost? The TV show has fans up in arms after their announcement that it won’t be returning … until next year. Execs hope this move will drum up more interest in money for the show.
Heroes auction Now you can bid on your favorite Hero. To help raise money for charity, the cast of Heroes each drew interpretations of their character, some obviously better than others…
Jessica Simpson Jessica Simpson is looking for love in all the wrong places. The recently divorced singer, who has been scouring the net looking for a date, wound up asking out a professional male escort.
Tekken Girls The girls of Tekken as you’ve probably never seen them before (or maybe you have) — relaxing in the locker room, as how only guys would imagine the girls do … NSFW.
Chalkboard Slashdot got owned — blame Canada. An Ontario musician posted the comment that broke their database’s back. The 16,777,216th comment crossed the mediumint limit and took the site down. It has since been fixed.
November 9, 2006

Universal Music wants all your money

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Doug Morris, Universal Music CEO

Somehow Universal Music was able to get Microsoft to agree to pay them a fee for each new Zune music player that it sells. The amount being paid to the world’s largest music label has not been disclosed but Universal’s CEO, Doug Morris, gave his quote of the day by stating, We felt that any business that’s built on the bedrock of music we should share in. So by that logic movie studios should be entitled to fees from video equipment manufactures, television studios should be entitled to fees from TV manufactures, breweries should be entitled to fees from glass manufactures, and Al Gore should be entitled to fees from everyone online (he did, after all, invent the internet) … umm, yeah, who are they trying to fool?!

November 8, 2006

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Michael Jackson Thriller music Justin Timberlake might be bringing SexyBack, but the gloved one is bringing Thriller back. Michael Jackson has announced plans to make a sequel to biggest selling album of all time.
Jordan boobs Silcone boobs bounce back. Canadian regulators have cleared the sale of the implants which has prompted the US FDA to consider lifting the ban imposed in 1992 due to safety concerns.
Keyra Augustina Keyra Augustina, named as having the Best Butt on the Internet by Howard Stern and Maxim, has earned her own fan page. Pictures, videos, bios, interviews — all things Keyra. It took long enough…
condoms Pronto condoms, from 0 to on in about a second. The company argues that using a traditional condom is a real pain to put on and kills the mood. Their condom changes all of that.
Palm PDA Suit happy NTP, who successfully sued settled with RIM over their Blackberry devices, has announced they have a new patent infringer in their sites, Palm. Surprise, surprise.
Photograph sculptures Photographing sculptures, literally. Artist Gwon Osan creates 3D out of 2D by forging sculptures out of photographs. Definitely different, definitely interesting.

China copies English town

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China copies English town

China, often regarded as the copycat capital of the world with fake designer bags and even counterfeit cars, has added a new string to its imitation bow — an English town.

An hour’s drive from Shanghai’s skyscrapers in the suburb of Songjiang lies Thames Town, complete with pub, fish-and-chip shop and even a bronze statue of Winston Churchill.

There is a neo-Gothic church as well as Georgian- and Victorian-style terraced houses that would not look out of place in the poshest parts of London.


November 3, 2006

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Know Before You Go The Department of Homeland Security will now give every traveler a Terrorism Quotient based on data provided to it by airlines. This is one time you don’t want a passing score.
Exhaust Flame Thrower It’s the obvious next step after the Whistle Tip, the exhaust mounted flame thrower. Spewing fire up to 20ft from your car’s exhaust, this puppy will really discourage tailgaters.
YouTube logo UTube sues YouTube. The Ohio based company has sued YouTube over, wait for it, sending too much traffic to their website and threatening their business — which is making tubes.
SwitchEasy It’s the Nike+iPod sport kit, sans Nike. If you don’t want to pony up the cash for a pair of slick iPod compatible Nikes to go along with the iPod sport kit, this $7.99 solution is just the ticket.
Toyota GT-R hybrid Finally a hybrid to write home about. The new Toyota GT-R hybrid boasts a 0-60mph in under 5 seconds and top speed of 170mph while still turning out 30mpg. Zoom zoom … zoom.
Nuclear explosion A U.S. government web site, which made public vast archives of Iraqi documents captured during the war, is said to include enough information to constitute a basic guide to building an atom bomb.
November 2, 2006

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Man on Fire Dance Dance Revolution becomes a disco inferno when combined with a 12ft screen, over-sized pads, fire-retardant gear and 9 fire spitting propane jets that light up when you miss. That’s hot.
iPod Buying Guide Some of the best things in life are still free, such as the 2007 iPod buyers’ guide, published yearly by iLounge. Go and snag your 180 page free copy of all things iPod.
007 Daniel Craig, the future 007, has admitted he hasn’t even seen a James Bond movie on the big screen since Live and Let Die in 1973. Can one man kill a franchise? It would appear so.
November 1, 2006

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Madonna Madonna is protecting her son from The Evil Eye with a little piece of red string tied to his wrist. Her reps confirm that she intends to raise David as a follower of Kabbalah.
Halloween crash display Using actual parts from a Gulfstream jet, this former mechanic recreated a plane crash in his front yard for Halloween. Authorities are still searching for the black box.
Lipstick It’s been less than a day since the Reddit buy out announcement and Conde Nast has already put the technology to use at his latest venture, It’s Reddit for gossip.
JotSpot Having not made any major purchases in about 3 weeks, Google has announced that they have acquired JotSpot, a do-it-yourself wiki site. The Internet is officially Google’s candy store.
Skateboard ramp San Diego, home to Shamu and the world’s largest skateboard ramp. Skateboarder and owner Bob Burnquist says of the 360 ft long, 75 ft high ramp, “I’m not afraid of falling. I’m afraid I might jump.”