January 18, 2006

Reese wears Kirsten’s old dress

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Reese wears Kirsten's old dress

Look ma, same dress. Reese Witherspoon, who won the Best Actress award for Walk the Line at the 2006 Golden Globes, wore the same dress that Kirsten Dunst wore at a Golden Globes after party in 2003.

Witherspoon’s rep, Nancy Ryder, is said to be so angry at Chanel for giving her a recently recycled gown that she’s vowing not to accept anything from Chanel again - or let her other clients, including Jennifer Lopez and RenĂ©e Zellweger, wear anything from the French couture house.

Ryder said, “Reese was told the dress was vintage. It was not. I’m not angry - just a little disappointed, but the big deal is Reese won the Golden Globe.”

Didn’t they get the memo? “Vintage” is the new recycled, just like “deconstructed” was the new shabby…

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October 18, 2005

Kirsten Dunst likes to drink

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Kirsten Dunst likes to drink

Friends of Kirsten Dunst fear the star may have a drinking problem after she reportedly got “drunk and obnoxious” at the premiere party of new movie ‘Elizabethtown’.

The stunning actress is alleged to have arrived on the red-carpet of the New York premiere looking “dishevelled” before drinking herself into an aggressive stupour at the exclusive post screening bash.

Earlier this week, Dunst joked she drinks so much she will end up in rehab. The ‘Spider-Man’ star claims she has swapped food in her fridge for cheap alcohol and regularly enjoys a drink at home.

She told American talk show host Jay Leno: “I stock up on Veuve Cliquot champagne. I buy it from Costco - cheap there I have lots of alcohol and no food in my fridge”.

She’s just upset that she didn’t make the Top Ten Party Animal list and is now trying to prove her worth. And is it me, or is she starting to look like Helena Bonham Carter’s character in Planet of the Apes?

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September 27, 2005

Kirsten Dunst is dense

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Kirsten Dunst is dense

There has been a lot of speculation about which villains will be appearing in the upcoming movie, Spiderman 3. Everyone who has been following the Spiderman franchise knows that it’s been a closely guarded secret of Sony and Marvel, but apparently someone forgot to tell Kirsten … and her rep.

“We have really great people though as the villains in this film, Thomas Haden Church and Topher Grace — Venom and Sandman,” says Kirsten Dunst while promoting her film “Elizabethtown.”

“Maybe I wasn’t supposed to say that,” she says, checking with her rep, who assures her the information has already been released.

Nope, it’s never been revealed, until Kirsten came along. In one airheaded maneuver she was able to effectively destroy Sony and Marvel’s plan to virally promote Spiderman 3 via hype and speculation. Brilliant. So it’s back to the drawing boards … wait, what’s that? Mary-Jane reveals to the world that Peter Parker is actually Spiderman?!

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