Padded bras threaten national security

Permalink | August 22nd, 2006

Victoria's Secret padded bra

Ever since liquids and gels have been included on the list of banned items in carry-on luggage, taking eye drops, lip moisturizers, and even gel-cap medication with you on the plane has been next to impossible. But there is one liquid filled item still moving freely through the security lines, padded bras.

Even though liquid and gel filled padded bras can carry 7 ounces or more of liquid in the cups (more than enough to cause significant boom), the Transportation Security Administration has not included them on the new list of items forbidden from carry-on baggage. The TSA has further stated while they encourage women to pack their bras in their checked luggage, this is being recognized as a “sensitive issue” and that women will not be poked nor questioned about the contents of their underwear.

Attack of the killer boobs.

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