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Just MacGyver it…

Permalink | August 31st, 2006

For the fans of Stargate SG-1 and MacGyver, here is a great outtake worth watching — You used to be MacGyver, MacGadget, MacGimmick…


Carolyn Kepcher is fired

Permalink | August 31st, 2006

Carolyn Kepcher and Donald Trump

Carolyn Kepcher, Donald Trump’s co-star on The Apprentice and the woman in charge of the Trump National Golf Club, has been fired. Insiders are claiming that Carolyn had let the show go to her head and that, She thought she was a freaking movie star. Trump was apparently upset that Carolyn put business second as she began to focus on speaking engagements and endorsements. Ivanka Trump will be replacing Carolyn in the next season of The Apprentice.

Scarlett Johansson is too sexy

Permalink | August 31st, 2006

Scarlett Johansson at the Venice Film Festival

Scarlett Johansson has proven once again that she is too sexy for us mere mortals. In Scarlett’s latest movie, The Black Dahlia, she and Josh Hartnett heat up the screen in a sizzling sex scene. However, critics have complained they found it difficult to concentrate following the raunchy scene. And the problem is, what exactly?! Critics are idiots.

There are 8 more pics of Scarlett heating up the Venice Film Festival, and 4 of Scarlett in Venice Magazine afer the jump. So be sure to…

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MySpace turns into FakeSpace

Permalink | August 30th, 2006

MySpace gone corporate

MySpace members are growing more and more disenchanted as the number of fake profiles and the increase of corporate presence starts to dilute authentic feel of the the social networking site. Peter Blackshaw, chief marketing officer for Nielsen BuzzMetrics which monitors online buzz, has commented that more and more users are starting to discuss the growing corporate presence on social networks. MySpace is of particular concern since they allow corporations to create fictitious characters, pages, profiles and friend lists in a type of blended advertising. Blackshaw warns that this potentially has a higher turn-off factor because consumers may perceive it as ‘over the line.’

The corporate invasion into digital social networks isn’t anything new. Interns have long been hired to surf online forums and engage in threads and post messages to generate buzz about their employer’s product — from music to bands to movies to the latest energy drink. It’s surprising it took this long for the backlash to start.

Saddam forced to watch South Park

Permalink | August 30th, 2006

South Park Saddam and Satan

Trey Parker and Matt Stone have revealed that Saddam is being made to watch their movie South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut repeatedly by the US Marines guarding him. True? Perhaps not … but funny? Oh hell yeah!

Jessica Simpson keeps it quiet

Permalink | August 30th, 2006

Jessica Simpson at Public Affair release party

Jessica Simpson has filled her void with a new love. In classic confused Jessica style she held an open press conference spoke to Us Weekly confirming that she and John Mayer are indeed in a relationship but she wants to keep it private.

Currently on a media tour to promote her new album, Public Affair, Jessica contracted laryngitis which has forced her to cancel a concert and several press junkets. Her loss of voice could perhaps explain how John has put up her … either that or her Oh-face (ohh, ohh).

There are more 20 more pics of Jessica at her CD release party after the jump, so…

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Tara Reid gets owned

Permalink | August 30th, 2006

Tara Reid goes from D-list to No-list as she is caught on video being denied at the door to Hyde. Meanwhile, former BFF Paris Hilton saunters right past Tara and into the club. Classic.


Alyssa Milano still has the touch

Permalink | August 29th, 2006

Alyssa Milano touch clothing

Alyssa Milano touch clothing Alyssa Milano touch clothing Alyssa Milano touch clothing Alyssa Milano touch clothing

Apparently Alyssa Milano has been hard at work starting her own line of clothing that she is calling Touch. It sort of looks like a football jersey puked all over a japanese kimono, but whatever … it’s Alyssa so we can forgive her.

There are 9 13 more pictures of the very touchable Alyssa after the jump, so…

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Google targets your domain

Permalink | August 29th, 2006

Google Labs logo

Google has taken its little experiment they started back in Febrauary, Gmail for your domain, and have expanded it exponentially into the now available Google Apps for your domain. Google is making this new service available to all types of organizations and businesses, as well as individual domain owners. This suite of utilities includes all the functionality of Gmail, Google Talk and Google Calendar wrapped up with tools to make them work for your organization, plus Google Page Creator for designing and publishing your website.

While Google is maintaining that these tools will work with any size domain, they are encouraging larger businesses and Universities with more advanced communications needs to hold out for the premium versions of this service which will be available later this year.

Universal gives away free music

Permalink | August 29th, 2006


In a rather ironic turn of events, Universal Music, the world’s largest music group, has signed a deal with SpiralFrog to make their entire music catalogue available for download … for free. Under the agreement, Spiralfrog will offer Universal’s songs online in the US and Canada. Setting their sites directly on iTunes, SpiralFrog has based their entire business model on profit-sharing from advertising dollars. Users will have to endure short non-intrusive targetted advertising before actually being able to download their music.

At first glance this sounds rather promising, but one huge component has been left out, possibly intentionally, in the initial press-releases, There is no mention of which audio codec or DRM solution will be used. This could possibly make or break the start-up.

Update: It looks like this frog is ready to croak before it has even left the lilly pad. SpiralFrog will offer the music as Windows Media Files (read: won’t play on iPods) that you can listen to on your PC and two portable devices. Here’s the kicker — you must log in to the Spiral Frog service at least once per month, and see their ads, or your files will stop playing! Two thumbs down … way down. Take away the “To Go” feature, and you have a far more ad-laden imitation of the free service launched by Napster earlier this year. Forget the hoop-la, this frog is fried.