Pirates beat Aquaman, HBO jumps for joy

Permalink | July 12th, 2006

Joe Kernen

Referring to the whopping $132 $135 million that Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest pulled in over the weekend, CNBC anchor Joe Kernen reported (with a straight face), The previous three-day record was ‘Aquaman’ at $120 plus, which beat out the $115 million which was set by ‘Spider-Man’ back in May of ‘02.

Ummm … just one problem, the only place Aquaman beat out Spider-Man in the box office was on HBO’s series Entourage. CNBC is now trying to back-peddle saying that Kernen was totally kidding. Sure he was … It sounds like someone over at CNBC will be getting the boot, while someone over at HBO will be getting a raise.

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