Samsung gets ultra slim, Nicole feels fat

Permalink | June 21st, 2006

Samsung Ultra Slim Cell Phone

Samsung takes a note from Nicole Richie believing that slim is in. They have just unveiled three new cell phones, the Ultra Edition 6.9, 9.9, and 12.9. The three phones are named after their side profile and form factor, 6.9mm candy bar, 9.9mm slider, and 12.9mm clamshell. At 6.9mm, their candy bar phone is now the slimmest available.

Samsung believes that these new phones move beyond the limitations inherent in slim phones to embody the perfect combination of comfort, simplicity and sophistication to let users do more with less. Nicole would be so proud … it might be enough for her to think twice about toting around that Sidekick of hers — which probably weighs twice as much as she does (and is definitely fatter than she is).

Nicole Richie Sidekick 3 Nicole Richie Sidekick 3

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