Navizon, where are you now?

Permalink | June 7th, 2006


GPS is a great thing if you’re outdoors and have a relatively free line-of-sight to orbitting satellites. Indoors, under covering or in an area where you have a weak signal and that great GPS isn’t so great. That’s where Cyril Houri comes in. Cyril has developed a new system that can triangulate your position based on Wi-Fi hot spots or cellular towers.

After becoming frustrated with GPS navigation systems, Cyril created Navizon — a system that relies on a database driven social network. People with GPS systems use the software to map out the Wi-Fi and cellular landscape in their area. The data they collect is synchronized and is then made available to those who don’t have GPS, but do have a either a Symbian or Windows Mobile based smartphone. The best part, it’s free!

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