Tom slowly losing his magic hold over Katie

Permalink | May 24th, 2006

Tom Cruise Katie Holmes

It would appear that Tom Cruise’s Scientology super powers are weakening as evidence has emerged that his mind-control like hold over Katie Holmes seems to be slipping. The two reportedly got into huge argument which ended with Katie leaving for Ohio alone to introduce alien Suri to her family and friends. A confidant of Katie’s has told Life & Style Weekly that Katie‚Äôs very unhappy and beginning to realize she may have made a major mistake being with Tom.

With $15 million hanging in the balance, run Katie, run!

One Response to “Tom slowly losing his magic hold over Katie”

  1. Prozac Robot Says:


    It’s a sign of not having made much of a life that we spend any time reading hypothetical maybes about other people’s lives.

    Wait a minute! Why was I reading it?

    Well, Katie is a looker. Maybe if — yeah, fat chance — she and Tom split, she’ll give us a call.

    Hey, it could happen!