Apple and Nike go for a run

Permalink | May 24th, 2006

Nike Gear shoesApple Gear Nano

Let your shoes do the talking. Apple, in a new partnership with Nike, is redefining your workout. Once reserved to merely providing a listening enjoyment during your run, the iPod nano can now become your encouraging coach and personal trainer, or as Apple and Nike are putting it, your favorite workout companion.

With pair of Nike+ shoes, an iPod nano, and the Nike+iPod Sport Kit, information about your run is transmitted wirelessly from a sensor in your shoe to your iPod. This allows you to monitor everything from how fast you’re running, to how long you’ve been running, to how far you’ve been running, all while still listening to your favorite workout tunes. You can even customize a routine, set a distance, and program your favorite workout music; and as if that’s not enough, if you’re worried about having to constantly look at the screen of your iPod to get all the relevant info, fear not, it speaks.

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