Playboy says “I’m sorry” to Jessica Alba

Permalink | April 5th, 2006

Playboy says 'I'm sorry' to Jessica Alba

Hef has personally apologized to Jessica Alba for using her picture on the cover of the March 2006 issue of Playboy. Earlier, Jessica was considering taking the matter to court saying that Playboy was using her image without consent, and profitting by it by alluding that she was naked in the issue. If only.

“In light of Mr. Hefner’s personal apology for Playboy’s unauthorized use of my photo on their cover, I have decided to discontinue my claims against them,” Alba, 24, said in a written statement.

“This was never about money, it was about setting the record straight about something that was done without my knowledge or consent,” she added.

“What was intended as a tribute to your tremendous popularity has been misinterpreted by some as something else for which we are truly sorry since we are among your biggest fans,” Hefner said.

[via AP]

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