Google Earth now Mac friendly

Permalink | January 14th, 2006

Google Earth now Mac friendly

Google (finally) released a Mac friendly version of Google Earth.

[W]e have a brand new member of the family — Google Earth for Macintosh. We’re happy to finally have some good news for the, ahem, vocal Mac enthusiasts we’ve been hearing from. Let’s just say that we have gotten more than a few “requests” for a Mac version of Google Earth.

We heard you loud and clear. The Mac version runs on OS X 10.4 and up. Happy travels throughout Google Earth, whether you’re on a Mac or a PC.

Visit: Google Earth

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2 Responses to “Google Earth now Mac friendly”

  1. ajia clemons Says:

    this is agood website

  2. marco Says:

    es bueno y hay que seguir mejorandolo