Donald Trump hires his next apprentice

Permalink | December 16th, 2005

Donald Trump hires his next apprentice

It was clear Trump liked Randal and Rebecca, as did George and Carolyn. As Trump put it, they were both stars. The stage was set — could both Randal and Rebecca be hired? Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

As the two candidates presented their case as to why they should be the next apprentice, Randal was clearly becoming agitated that so much emphasis was being put on his education and the fact that he founded 5 companies was being overlooked. He also continuously attacked Rebecca while Rebecca kept her cool and mostly complimented Randal. When Trump asked Rebecca if she thought she was better than Randal she replied that she felt she would be a better apprentice; to which Randal quickly added Rebecca writes about business; I run a business.

In the end, Randal was hired … but wait … that wasn’t all. Trump called Randal back from his celebrating and asked, Randal, if you were me, would you hire Rebecca, also? Felisha could be seen in the background violently shaking her head no in clear opposition to the idea. Randal responded that the show was called The Apprentice, and that because of that there should be only one, and that he was the winner. The crowd clearly disagreed, and Trump said that he could have been convinced to hire Rebecca. Rebecca responded with, “That’s unfortunate.”

Had it been the other way around, there is no doubt that Rebecca would have fought for Trump to hire Randal. What happened to the Randal from week 11 where he was gunning for a win for Rebecca because she deserved it? Or the Randal from the side interviews in week 12 who kept on saying how much respect he had for Rebecca? It would seem it was all just a show. There was no real loyalty on his end what-so-ever. If Randal had any class he should have said that it wasn’t a decision he should make, and tossed it back at Trump.

In any case, it would appear as though there will be another season, and this time they are heading west. Think you have what it takes?

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  1. Joe Says:

    Black men usually stand behind “brothers” and “sisters.” Had Rebecca been African-American, I have no doubt that Randal would have encouraged Trump to hire her as well. Instead, Randal indulged his considerable racism and revealed himself to be so incredibly and foolishly selfish.