A ski pole that holds alcohol

Permalink | October 14th, 2005

A ski pole that holds alcohol

Now here’s what every skier needs … it’s a ski pole that has a hidden reservoir to hold liquid. For what your ask? Alcohol of course!

Historically, mountain enthusiasts relied on the St. Bernard dog to provide refreshment and comfort on the slopes. But have you ever tried to ski with a St. Bernard? The new ColdPole Liquid Reservoir Ski Pole provides skiers the enjoyment of a favorite libation anytime, anywhere on the slopes without a dog, and without the hassle of carrying an additional container.

The ColdPole ski pole shaft is manufactured by a top U.S. ski pole manufacturer in your choice of Black Diamond Series or Expert Series. These shafts are lightweight, strong, and durable.

The secret is in the handle. It is designed to have the look, feel, and comfort of a typical ski-pole handle, but it opens to provide access to the natural storage capability of the pole.

Check them out at Coldpole.com.

[via Liquor Snob]

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