How big is Google?

Permalink | September 27th, 2005

How big is Google?

In the ongoing battle for search supremacy between Google and Yahoo, Google has decided to leave it up to the users to decide who has the bigger, umm, index.

The company said yesterday that it had phased in a larger index over the last four weeks. But rather than directly proclaiming that it had surpassed its archrival Yahoo, which last month claimed index supremacy, Google said it would ask Web surfers to decide for themselves.

Google’s chief executive, Eric E. Schmidt, said the company would remove the current number from its home page (”Searching 8,168,684,336 Web pages,” it said yesterday) and instead ask users to guess the size of the new index.

Moreover, in typical offbeat Google style, there will be no announced prize for the best guess, although Mr. Schmidt did not rule out the possibility that one would be awarded.

Although Google executives carefully skirted any question about size, Google technologists eluded to the fact that their new index is about three times the size of their nearest competitor — a competitor who shall remain nameless. So go on, just how big is Google, and does size really matter?

[via NY Times]

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