Jet Blue flight #292 preparing for emergency landing

Permalink | September 21st, 2005

Jet Blue flight #292 preparing for emergency landing

The plane is currently flying towards LAX for an emergency landing where fire and medical crews are standing by. The aircraft is flying low in order to try and burn fuel, and is scheduled to land by 6:00pm on runway 25-Left (the southern most runway closest to Imperial Highway).

A Jet Blue airliner was dumping fuel over the ocean Wednesday afternoon as officials tried to determine how to make an emergency landing with the plane’s front wheels turned sideways and unable to retract.

The plane left Burbank Airport after 3 p.m. for New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, according to Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Donn Walker.

Jet Blue flight 292 was circling the Long Beach Airport, about 30 miles south of Burbank.

Walker said the Airbus A320 was dumping fuel over the Pacific.

Correction: Due to the type of aircraft, it is unable to dump fuel and has instead been circling for the past two hours in hope of burning fuel.

I can’t even imagine what has been going through the passengers’ minds — circling for over two hours knowing that you’re about to go in for an emergency landing…


After almost three hours, the plane came to a safe (and smooth) landing at LAX around 6:20pm. The front landing gear didn’t fail, but the tires were completely burnt off.

[via CNN and ABC7 News]

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