iPod patent wars

Permalink | September 1st, 2005

iPod patent wars

Apple has found itself in the middle of another patent battle over the iPod, but this time it’s real. Creative Technology, creator of the Zen music player, has accused Apple of violating their newly granted patent which covers the way users navigate music.

Creative Technology, which is based in Singapore and has United States operations in Milpitas, Calif., said it would consider every option available to defend the patent, including possible legal action. Apple declined to comment on the patent.

The patent, which the company calls the Zen Patent, covers Creative’s interface for portable players, which allows users to select a song, album or track by navigating a succession of menus. The patent office awarded the patent on Aug. 9.

Patenting the way people navigate music selections? Really now, that’s about as brilliant as Amazon’s filing of the One-Click patent.

[via NY Times]

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