Tax free in NYC

Permalink | August 30th, 2005

Tax free in NYC

Starting today New Yorkers are being treated to tax-free shopping for clothing and shoes costing less than $110.

On different occasions throughout the year, the Governor and Mayor have designated periods of one week to be sales tax-free for purchases of clothing and footwear (and items used to make and repair these items) costing less than $110. These weeks are intended to encourage shopping and boost business, to the benefit of business owners and shoppers.

Clothing, footwear, fabric, thread, yarn, buttons, zippers, neckties, scarves, hats, uniforms, athletic clothing, and diapers are all exempt from sales tax during these periods. However, jewelry and watches, handbags, umbrellas, pet clothing, and sports equipment are not exempt during these periods.

The city’s 4% sales tax on the same items will be elminated for good at the end of the week, bringing the tax down to 4.375%.

[via NYC]

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