Google, the next evil empire?

Permalink | August 24th, 2005

Google, the next evil empire?

Many in Silicon Valley are starting to question Google’s size and power, and are worrying that the very strengths that makes Google what it is today might be transforming it into a threat.

It was not that long ago that Google reigned here as the upstart computer company that could do no wrong. Now some working in the technology field are starting to draw comparisons between Google and Microsoft, the company in Redmond, Wash., that Silicon Valley loves most to hate.

Bill Gates certainly sees similarities between Google and his own company. This spring, in an interview with Fortune, Mr. Gates, Microsoft’s chairman, said that Google was “more like us than anyone else we have ever competed with.”

Information, or knowledge, is power, and as the saying goes, “He who controls the information, controls the world.” Google certainly has commanding control over the information.

[via NY Times]

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