Lower your cell phone taxes

Permalink | June 6th, 2005

Leave it to Forbes to figure out a way to lower your cell phone taxes — move!

How To Duck Cell Phone Taxes
Scott Woolley, 06.06.05, 6:00 AM ET

LOS ANGELES - Cell phones have not been proven to cause cancer, so why exactly are they taxed like they do?

Steve Largent, head of the main cell phone lobbying group, recently complained to Congress that the average 16.8% in combined federal, state and local taxes his customers pay has traditionally been levied on products like cigarettes. Americans pay an average of just 6.9% for typical non-carcinogenic goods and services.

Exorbitant cell phone taxes may seem like one of life’s annoyances you just can’t do anything about. In fact, as I recently discovered, you can.

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